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Sebuah gimmick luar biasa yang akan menjadikan anda seperti seorang supranatural…

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Sebuah gimmick levitasi yang luar biasa..

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Original product dari Ellusionist

TECHNICAL SHEET It took two years of work and research, more than a dozen prototypes, to develop a tool that is easy to use and practical, giving fans of FI a quicker reset in the event of a break, and A great versatility of use.

We are proud to present you a 100% mechanical barrel, thus avoiding you being dependent on a battery and the fear that it generates at the level of the lifetime. You will be able to concentrate fully on your presentation; So, in VENOM Project, we offer you two VENOM ITRs, allowing you to realize all the known effects of FI with a single ITR, but also to discover in a private video of 1h30 a vast field of effects and new and devastating concepts , Created for real performance conditions. For the past 5 years Arthur Chavaudret has developed a new and diabolically effective concept that allows powerful effects, mainly with borrowed objects (rings, lighters, cigarettes, tickets etc.).

The VENOM I.T.R are equipped with a rotating ball bearing system, designed to defy the laws of the time. VENOM ITR has been designed to allow, in a minimum of time: A faster reset in the event of breakage of the IF Simplified regulation of the tension The blocking of a specific length A simplified customization of the different elements (FI, tension, .) Beginner or amateur of the discipline, the media support containing more than 1h30 of detailed explanations will accompany you in your learning and will guide you so that you can take in hand this tool.

You will learn new devastating effects, and how to customize your routines to suit your own style. Each VENOM I.T.R is loaded with F.I very solid, but you can of course load your own F.I. Usable anywhere and at any time, you will even forget that you have it on you …

Intended for the demanding illusionists. Contents of the VENOM PROJECT Pack: 2 x I.T.R VENOM loaded in FI The necessary accessory for customization Access to 1h30 of detailed explanations with 8 new effects, concepts and ideas



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